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We’re a young and talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a groundbreaking idea designed to contribute towards a better tomorrow in the new world of crypto-currencies and the decentralized web.  At Bit Boson, we believe that block-chain related technologies are the perfect solution for IoT's biggest problems, and are committed to delivering the best possible, open-sourced solution to date.  Unlike most systems, ours is future-proof, from both a security and scalability perspective.  We encourage you to check out our white-paper and to follow us on social media, including Twitter and Telegram.

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Infinite Scalability

The Bit Boson network uses it's revolutionary Scatter Protocol to push the transaction confirmation rate arbitrarily high to get transactions confirmed quickly.


Eco-Friendly Block-Chain

The Bit Boson network uses eco-friendly Proof-of-Capacity to save energy and reduce carbon emissions over Proof-of-Work based implementations such as Bit Coin.


Save Money

The Bit Boson network allows for quick, cost-effective IoT implementations over custom and even cloud-based solutions with minimal technical knowledge.



At Bit Boson, we strive to develop the best technology on the leading edge of what is possible.  The IoT block-chain solution we have developed, and continue to develop, is unlike any the world has ever seen.  We encourage you to check-out our White Paper to learn more about both the inner-workings of the network and what it can do for you or your company.




Current block-chain implementations simply do not perform well and will not scale well either.  In fact, popular block-chains such as Bit Coin perform at a staggeringly slow rate of less than 50 transactions per second.  This is due to the nature of how the block-chain works in order to achieve its security.  Block-chain Miners put a lot of effort into mining blocks and then broadcast them out as they are completed.  These blocks have a fixed, small size for better broadcasting, all of which puts a hard limit on transaction rates.

The Simple Solution

The reason why scalability has a limit on the block-chain (as previously discussed) is due to the fact that blocks are created at roughly a fixed rate (on average) and have a fixed size.  The rate is directly dictated by the implementation and is a large part of the security of the block-chain implementation.  So the simple solution to the problem would be to increase the block size.  Just like adding cars to a train, this would increase the number of transactions in the fixed time-frame.  However, the bigger the blocks get, the harder they are to broadcast.



Further Optimizations

With the Scatter Protocol, the block-chain transaction throughput can dramatically be improved, but there's still more that can be done.  The Bit Boson network adds to the transaction limit 10, or even 100-fold by allowing there to be several off-chain transactions which can then be verified by on-chain transactions.  Effectively, users can negotiate "contracts" (not smart contracts) to allow for off-chain messages with data-check-points (or challenges) to verify the integrity of the data.  Depending on the ratio of off-chain to on-chain transactions, a significant improvement to the transaction rate can be made.

The Bit Boson Solution

Increasing the block size is by-and-large a "good" solution to increase block-chain throughput without compromising security in consensus.  Rather than circulate blocks at a single moment and sit hashing dormant (or just delaying in Bit Boson's case), the Scatter Protocol enables the block-chain to propagate partially verified sub-blocks during this time and then simply a skeleton block which organizes these sub-blocks into a real block.  This, in effect, reduces the instantaneous network load, dramatically improving transaction throughput without compromising security even slightly.